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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  May 3, 2013 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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>> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to know your business. offering specialized solutions and capital to help you meet your growth objectives. we offer expertise and tailored solutions for small businesses and major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now "bbc world news." bbc world news america, reporting from washington. assassinated in pakistan. a high-profile prosecutors ambushed and killed by a hail of bullets. the u.s. jobs report gives an unexpected good news, sending the markets soaring to new heights.
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and the award-winning musician. welcome. today a gunman opened fire and killed one of pakistan posts -- pakistan's most high profile prosecutors. the violence comes just days before pakistan hold nationwide elections. our coverage starts. >> anguish and karachi today. the election season claims more victims.
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a father and son live side-by- side. they were sprayed with bullets as they left a mosque. this was a five-year-old who wanted to grow up to be a party worker like his dad. his father was a candidate for the liberal mp, one of three secular parties on a taliban hit list. one of more than 70 killed in election violence this month. his brother told us he predicted his death in a speech four days ago. >> he said, i know they are going to kill me. but you must all stand fast, be determined, and continue our struggle. we joined a candidate who is continuing her struggle, from
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another party being target, the mqm. >> this time it is very scary. the people are scared. but you can tell that they are happy to see me here. the fear is behind. >> opponents of the taliban have been forced to scale back their campaigns, if they campaigned at all. rallies like this are typical now. they're on a scale -- small- scale in the back streets and on short notice. the candidate does not stay for long because of the risk to their supporters. before a single vote has been passed, the taliban and is the electoral landscape with changing the electoral landscape with bullets. the children gathered for an election song. their future should be decided at the ballot box.
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many fear it is being decided by the gun. bbc news, karachi. >> as we mentioned, a key prosecutor was also caught up in deadly violence today, ambushed and assassinated. withke a brief time ago the director of the south asia center of the atlantic council. targeted killing in the heart of , what does this say about the security situation in pakistan? >> there has been a well thought out campaign on the part of the militants in pakistan to try to disrupt the elections, particularly to scare away certain parties that they have targeted. the idea is to create terror, and to some extent they are succeeding. >> if we talk about the assassination of this prosecutor, there are many
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potential people with motives? >> yes. pakistan is a petri dish of conspiracy theories. it is very difficult to pin down the evidence until we have more information about the assailants. most of the early indications still point to the taliban and their affiliates. it could be a punjabi group. >> how important are these elections to pakistan? >> very important. they represent change from one civilian government to another, as opposed to an earlier change where you had a military led civilian government, which led to the previous government's arrival on the scene in 2008. they are a very important stepping stone. in despite all the euphoria
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pakistan over the elections, i don't think this will be the watershed event because it is not likely to produce the seismic shifts that people are expecting at the constituency level. the voting is still guided by tribal loyalties. >> the national a simile councilmen and his son were killed in the violence. how unsettling -- assembly councilmen and his son were killed in the violence. how unsettling is this? the urban-based mqm is predominant in karachi, and they are being targeted. this is creating an unfair advantage to the parties that have either not denounced terrorism or militancy in a strong, clear voice, or may have made some backdoor deals allowing them to run in certain areas.
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>> do you think the result of the election could change the relationship with the u.s. potentially? >> i don't think so. the u.s. pakistan relationship is still guided by strategic and paradigms on the part of the onted states -- imperatives the part of the united states. neither side can afford to ditch each other. in the next two or three years, once the coalition departs from afghanistan, the idea of extricating all its material and manpower to pakistan will remain strong in american minds. that is really why recently you may have seen this interesting 's,tograph of the three kay' kerry, karzai, and general kaon h.
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thank you very much for joining us. , investigators say for generators inside the bangladesh factory building collapsed last month may have caused the disaster. the head of the government inquiry team said the units started up after a power cut, sending powerful vibrations. the number of people killed has passed 500. dozens are still missing. the american military plane .rashed - in a rugged mountain the search for the crew members that were on board has been suspended for the night. the u.s. military base encourages stan is used to support troops in afghanistan. is used tozstan support troops in afghanistan. two thirds of the 160 inmates areonton amo -- guantanmo
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on a hunger strike. today the u.s. economy received a full dose of good news just for a change. the employment report for april show that 165,000 jobs were added. the jobless rate dropped to a low of 7.5%, which sent the stock market soaring. is "thebreak it down wall street journal." >> what we saw from markets was mostly a sigh of relief. the recovery is almost four years old in the united states and we have come to a point almost every year where growth starts slowing. it looks like everything is going to fall apart. you get this unease across financial markets. we're are starting to see that develop. this removes a lot of the unease. the latest job numbers show
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that we're not falling apart, at least not yet. it shows that even though it has been an excruciatingly slow recovery, at least we still have a recovery. we still have average growth, round 2%, which is better than at least the advanced world can say. we have job growth around 2 million jobs a year. it is still a long road from where we need to be, but it is something. muchy is the u.s. doing so better in relative terms than the rest of the industrialized world? >> the industrialized counterparts, japan has been in a two decade slump. they have some chance of getting out of it now. the eurozone has been dealing with its own problems, from the crisis of its formation. the united states was lucky in the sense that it went through a lot of its pain early in the recession. we saw jobs declined pretty sharply early on, and we saw the recession only lasted 18 months before we came out of it.
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that was a good sign to see housing start to recover now. we have removed that excess, a lot of it, from the system. you are seeing credit heal because u.s. banks have recapitalized early. no reason for a lot of excitement now about the u.s. economy. there is still relatively slow growth. we slowed from the winter in terms of economic growth, in terms of job growth. we are dealing with a number of problems on the horizon. the global picture is going to hurt us in the united states. the federal budget cuts are just starting to take effect. we have not gotten the full flavor of how those are going to hit different parts of the country. they already showing signs of suppressing wage growth. we have gotten very weak income growth in the united states. >> how about the long-term unemployed? do they have any prospects?
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>> about 12 million are unemployed. 4 million are unemployed for six months or more. as you stay on the unemployment roll, you start to drop off of that we big fear is are losing a lot of people out of the labor force. they are claiming disability benefits, or they are deciding to retire early or do something else, college or go to a one income household. this is a huge problem for the united states in the long term. any advanced economy that loses these many people will have longer-term growth troubles on the horizon. >> thank you for joining us. now to malaysia. the general election could see the first change of government since the country's independence. it will be a real test for the ruling coalition, which has been in power for 56 years despite corruption scandals.
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the opposition coalition has been gaining ground. our southeast asia correspondent reports. >> this has been a long journey. after being jailed for six years, he is back for a shot at taking power. this has been a hard-fought campaign. >> every vote counts. >> is out in all weather, day in out, searching malaysians for change. his daughter is also a candidate for the coalition. she is defending a narrow majority against a well-funded opponent. >> i trust that momentum is on our side. i am confident that we will win this. her is thee
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spiritual leader of the islamic party and a coalition partner. his attendance is an asset in this community. some of his party's goals, like islamic law, are a worry to list about voters. -- less devout bvoters. it's got to overcome the racial mistrust that has always been a hallmark of malaysian politics, and is a particular challenge for an unwieldy coalition of very different parties. a helping hand has come from an unlikely quarter. this factory is owned by an ethnic chinese businessman. traditionally the chinese have stuck with the governing party, excepting privileges as the price of stability. >> it is like in any business.
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if you don't face competition, you think you are the best. but you are not. the same thing in the government. this is an opportunity for the country to say, two-party system is the best way to go. i would prefer to have [indiscernible] form the next government. its candidates reach out with a more moderate face. he says malaysians have nothing to fear. >> in the name of democracy, not in the name of god, in the .ame of democracy >> his position does not appear
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to be costing him support, even among non-muslims. be a test of how well the opposition is bridging malaysia's racial divide. >> you are watching bbc world news. still to come, discovering a piece of history. in southern california, a series of wildfires continue to rage along the coast. the fires grew overnight to 15 square miles. it is moving slowly towards the seaside resort of malibu. >> i while the brush fire proving difficult -- a wild
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brushfire is proving difficult to get out. dry conditions and unpredictable winds have stoked the fire. several farm buildings in this mostly agricultural district .ave been engulfed by flames a huge plume of smoke is hanging over the area. no one has been injured, but 3000 homes are threatened. university campus has been evacuated. the wall of flames is moving slowly towards the seaside resort of malibu, although the authorities are hopeful they can bring the blaze under control before it reaches the town. more than 900 firefighters are tackling the flames from the ground and the air. >> the fire dropping helicopters, the rotary blades that these men operate were incredible. they would lay down lines of water right behind people's backyards. certain yardstick gets scorched, but as far as actual damage, -- , but asd get scorched
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far as actual damage, no. extra crews have been brought in from neighboring states. the outbreak is such a serious fire so early in the year sparks a serious start to the california fire season. the cause of this blaze is not known yet, but with cooler temperatures moving in, firefighters are hopeful they can bring it under control over the weekend. bbc news, los angeles. >> grammy award-winning artist juanez is known for his lyrics exploring peace and love. a socialso become activist, receiving awards for his humanitarian work.
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recently he set down with the .bc's katty kay zed are thealist children in colombia? they are still recruiting children, probably more than 10,000 children are in the groups. >> what can you do? in thousand child soldiers, that is a lot. what can your foundation due to help them? we try to help them in the process every ability should, bringing the cause of peace and -- rehabilitation, bringing the cause of peace and tolerance to them. >> what made you want to work
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with the foundation? >> 20 years ago, we used to always write about social issues. and then 1999i wrote a song that talk about the mine situation. ♪ through that song, i got connected to different organizations. and meeto understand the human side of this conflict. i decided to do something. >> did it fact that you -- affect you personally? >> i have a strong family, surrounded by art. .t was the middle of the 1980's i was a teenager. there was a big fight between [indiscernible] and the government. art saved my life. >> you are about to start any
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big tour of america. "dancing with the stars," singing songs in spanish. was it fun, dancing with the stars? >> yes, they were great. >> we want to see you dancing. [laughter] >> i like to dance, but not like that. i was so happy just to have that opportunity to perform in spanish for that audience. >> what is it about columbia? un shakira -- you and shakira have had crossover hits in the united states and engaged in humanitarian issues. >> it is a country of contrast. we are rich in many things. at the same time, having problems. we want to change that. i was born in 1972. i don't know what is a peaceful
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country. i want to know that. i won my children to live in a peaceful country. >> the musician juanes speaking to katty kay there. the flying pencil is not a name that reeks of intimidation. but the german bomber did exactly that. the summer of 1940, and the battle of britain rages over southern england. daily dogfights in bombing raids. the german air force sought to destroy in a run-up to a planned innovation. was ae flying pencil deadly mainstay of the bomber fleets attacking british cities and airfields. a highly decorated wartime pilot who flew 250 missions. he is the last man alive to have flown in it.
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>> it was very slender, agile, and elegant. but you only realized how elegant when you saw it in the sky. >> more than 70 years on, not a single one was thought to survive. two years ago, a survey to the museum revealed the wreck of a plain lying on its back on the sands. -- plane lying on its back on the sands. was shot down on the 26 of august, 1940, damaged by fighters. it flew out over the channel. the pilots try to ditch, but when his wing tip touched the and in due course, it sank to the bottom. to raise the plane, the company has designed a special cradle
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in which to lift the aircraft. it will take up to four weeks to build it underwater. the plane is made of aluminum, which corrodes badly in seawater. one expert warns not to expect too much. >> in 20, 30 years you will find nothing from that. but you shouldn't be highly optimistic. don't start dreaming too early. >> at imperial college london, they are more optimistic, working on a small fragment of the plane. scientists believe they have found u a way to preserve it for a long time. >> we have been looking at some acid washes. have usedly museums [indiscernible] . one thing that works well is citric acid. >> in two years time, if all
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goes well, it will be preserved with lemon juice and on display. bbc news. >> what condition will the flying pencil the end? -- be in? you can find more on the days news on our website. thank you for watching. >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good for over 30 years, united health care, and fidelity investments. >> your personal economy is made up of the things that matter most, including your career. as those things change, fidelity can help you adjust your retirement plan. rethink and refocus as your
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career moves forward. wherever you are today, a fidelity ira has a wide range of investment choices that can fit your personal economy. fidelity investments. turn here. >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet, los angeles.
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